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Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Eve Chaos

Christmas Eve was a little crazy at our house, well lets be honest...It was a normal day. Things are always crazy around here! Rachel, Adam & Hayden came in about noon, an hour or so later this is what we found behind a closed door with lots of giggles and chatter, not the mess or chaos we expected! Mr Hayden finding himself a quiet spot!
My new son-in-law Christopher had never wrapped a Christmas gift! He was bound and determined to wrap this gift for Isaiah. Poor guy, he had a odd shape to wrap with his first attempt!

He gave up on the regular tape roll and grabbed the heavy duty stuff! Half a roll of paper later, numerous creative folds & a lot of tape...the finished product!

I'd like to say they got better but.....they were wrapped with love!

A lot of random postings for a while, our internet service provider is not providing very well.
The past 10 days its been off more than on. I'll catch up soon

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  1. The pictures of the boys reading is near and dear to my heart. What a great "find"! I could never send my kids to their rooms for punishment. They'd read and it wasn't punishment!
    Love that your son in law wrapped his gift. My son asked me to wrap his or had his girlfriend do it!


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