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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sales & SALES !!!!

Do you have your comfy clothes and running shoes ready? Your list made, ad’s marked up and the route plotted? Planned the meeting place, decided who's vehicle has the largest trunk or storage area? I’ll see you there…watching the 7am news report from the comfort of my kitchen. I’ll be dressed in my warm robe & comfy slippers, reverently holding my coffee cup. Every year the news will show these brave (insert crazy) people out in line starting 1-2 hours before the store opens. And every year it gets earlier and earlier.

It used to be the big opening was 7 am, then 6 am. Now, its 4:00 AM? I just have to ask….ARE YOU CRAZY? What is the draw? Every year they show these Huge lines, people shoving and yelling. Last year, a pregnant woman was rammed with a cart resulting in a trip to the hospital. What sale is worth that? I know the news usually shows people at their worst, the rude behavior, language, yelling, pushing. Fighting over toys or that perfect sweater. Sure I’m all about a sale. I get upset with my self if I have only $10.00 in coupons with a $50.00 grocery purchase! I’m frugal, O.K., cheap, I admit it…..BUT 4:00 AM?!? It’s dark out! My theory is if God wanted us up and out that early he would have made it light. My family would roll on the floor with laughter if I said “lets get up early and go shopping.” I would have to drive, early, in the morning. My kids, on a school morning, would not get in the van with me unless they knew I had a few cups of coffee. Yes, there would be news reports, for multiple reasons!!
So please, tell me what’s the draw? What gift is that important? Is it the excitement of the sale? That’s fun? O-God:30 is not on my clock! I would love to hear from you. What was your best buy/savings? Is it really worth it?
So, in honor of those of us who stay warm at home and out of your way, I’m having my own sale in my Etsy store. 20% off your entire purchase. Also, I’m offering free shipping for purchases over $50.00.

I just stocked 9 items including 5 pair of longies.

1 comment:

  1. I didn't go out, I looked online at all the things I could think of (and wished I could buy) I did get some half price patons yarn though!
    My inlaws purchased several DVD's for the kids for $5-10 ea, (2) 2GB flash drives for $7, A 2GB MP3 player that never was rang up, and I forget what all else they told me...
    Personally I don't like crowds or confrontation.. so not the place for me... and I wouldn't be able to wake up that early leave the kids (3 of them 3 and under) and come back before dh leaves for work.. don't think so!
    The one thing I requested they pick up for me, was out as soon as the store opened... 500ct queen sheets for $20 :(


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