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Sunday, November 23, 2008

I Can See Clearly Now...........

Take 2 parents, 2 Grandmothers add one 3 year old and toss in a surgery waiting room for an hour or so...........you have Blankie, a Teddy Bear (named "Cow", we have NO idea where that came from), markers and paper, cool red & blue band bracelets, cool yellow socks .......you end up with worn out adults!

But well worth it! Hayden had what used to be called "Lazy
eye", in both eyes! A 2 hour surgery is all it took to correct it. This is Saturday morning. A few red spots but looking good!
This is the new Man!

I Had fun on this next project. A Sheepy Time Knits, Full A-line Shirty~without the soaker. Super wash wool, size medium in my color way "Cutie Pie." The greens are actually much lighter, the skirt also has a draw string not shown in the photo.
Pair it with tights and a tops and your ready to go!
Should be listed in the Etsy shop tomorrow

On the needles right now is a pair of small longies in my colorway "Denim & Lace" If all goes well they will be completed tonight!

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  1. I have lazy eye also (just in my left) along with a few other complications and had 4 surgeries as a child to fix it.. of course nearly 20 years ago and that's probably why it took so many! They (eyes) don't look the same still but I don't think it is hereditary. (I hope!)


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