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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hat Happy

I received 2 e mails today looking for the Brown and Blue Ear flap hat on Etsy. I've been having to much fun playing with colors to list them.
I promise, I will list them all tomorrow. Here is what I was working on this evening......

Soft muted Pink with Chocolate brown trim, super soft and warm. Will fit average 3-12 months as it has a LOT of stretch.

Soft Grey with Black & Yellow trim, ear flaps are long enough to cover part of little cheeks. Sized the same as the Blue & Brown to fit average child 2-5 yrs

This one was fun but, I love the Pink and Brown combination. Bet you little one would find hers in the pile of hats & gloves!
It also will fit the average 2-5 yr old crowd.

All are ultra soft and washable.

I have 3 others to post tomorrow after once I have photo's. All are soft and squishy, but most importantly WARM!

So, what's your plans for the weekend?

1 comment:

  1. Love the hats and you've motivated me to get some done. The weather has turned cold here.
    Tell Isaiah I'm sorry about the sweater. His comment made me chuckle out loud. I love kids with personality and I'm guessing he has it!


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