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Monday, December 8, 2008

Arrival of Advent

It's been a crazy weekend. Ever met yourself coming and going?
Its Advent season and busy for us. We co-chair what we call the "Advent Project" In the sane vein as the "Angel Tree". We (the Parish) sponsor 50-60 families providing gifts and clothing for children, Turkey or Ham and all the trimmings but, also a pantry restock. Generally enough food for a week or two. We interview families to assess the need (sizes etc) Write up sponsor sheets. We break up the items needed, canned goods, staples, dairy, meat, This is where miracles happen......a parish family can sponsor a Advent family (no names listed) for any one section. Every one gives what they can. We've had phone calls of "I can't make it out to shop, can some one do that for me" or "I have a bunch of blankets I've been purchasing all year , which family's need them the most" or, a special hand shake that provides for the last items needed. Some how, there is always plenty. The items purchased are all brought to the church Friday night, and delivered Saturday. It's a Parish family affair. Parishioners and their family's load up the "gifts" for the Advent families and deliver them. No judgments, no "looks" just "Merry Christmas" & "God Bless". In a society of haves and have not's, its eye opening for the children
and teens. It's so heart warming to deliver. Not a "we did this for you" but a warm wonderful knowledge that you had a small part of a "Gift" a gift of love. So, the "Advent Project" is once again upon us, and as in years past we think, wow its been a tough year, people are struggling here and were asking them to give even more. And every year it works out with Plenty.

Raspberry Swirl, Night time knitting, a custom order for Cam.
Another custom for Cam.

"Flamin Fun" Longies (Sheepy Tim Knits of course) love the way these came out!

All my neck warmers on Etsy sold this weekend so, last night I stayed up and had quite a few completed to list today.

Isaiah lost his first tooth last week! Tonight the second came out, both on the bottom. It's a good thing too as the other set are already poking through!

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  1. What a fantastic project to be part of. We take up canned food for families through the local elementary school but I like your Advent giving of Christmas dinner as well as the pantry.


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