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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Knitting Through The Flurries

It looks like winter is here to stay for a while!

Hey, Mr. Weather Man? Our snow flurries turned into a bit more than the “few Flurries!”snow work 002Another good reason to can, bake bread & stock pile groceries.  No need to battle the crowds in the store

snow work 017

I get to stay home inside where it’s warm

And avoid the 12 degree weather..

before you factor in the wind chill.

snow work 007

Playing with wool

BFsweater hat 003

Creating Custom Cup Cake hats for a Cupcake baker

New Works 042

Drinking cocoa…OK, COFFEE!

New Works 025

Knitting hats, longies, skirties & sleep sacks

New Works 010Diving in the stash pile

And playing with color

New Works 003 

And sorting through the veggie seeds I received in the mail. All these colors and seeds make me wish for spring even more!

Hey Mr. Weatherman!  Can you tell Mother Nature I’m Ready for Spring!

How have you kept yourself busy and warm this winter?


  1. It sounds like you are getting a lot done and making the most of the time indoors. Good for you! I so wish I could knit as fast as you.

  2. I love the cup cake hat. Do you sell these??

  3. Stay inside where it is warm. Hopefully, Mr. Weatherman will bring you some better weather.

  4. You have really accomplished alot Katie! I too have been quilting, sewing and crocheting. Anything to keep warm!

    Have a great weekend.


  5. My piles of veggie seed catalogs make me overwhelmed!

  6. Oh,Katie! I love your enthusiasm.I'm not ready for spring...I want to hibernate with needles in hand:)

  7. ooo, the fuzzy cupcake makes me hungry! I could never put one of those on my kids, I'd get fat. LOL!


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