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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Improvised Frugal Cup Cake Carrier!

On the way to join Mr. Fix~It at the Louisville Boat, RV & Sport Show where we have a booth again this year.  He left early this morning to unlock & open all the campers & I stayed home for a bit to bake cupcakes to treat our sales staff and family helping.

I’ve heard of people having trouble transporting cupcakes without a  “cupcake carrier”  being left with a big mess in their cars. I thought I’d show you what we do. 

cupcakes 003

I use a cake carrier and load the lid.  The round carrier accommodates the shape of the cupcakes but, we have also have  used a oblong cake pan for the same thing.  The more snuggly you pack it the less sliding around you have.

cupcakes 004

Pop the lid on and your ready to go.  This way even the little’s can help carry when needed.  If they drop it a potential mess is contained…and you can fix the frosting & still serve them.

I  like to purchase items that I will use in many ways.  The cake carrier has been used as a large veggie tray, a bed of ice to hold items needed to be served cold, cookies, as a huge Jell-O salad mold,  This carrier is about 15 years old.  When the opaque plastic begins to yellow I just drop in a sink of bleach water and its fresh looking again.

What do you have in your kitchen which you’ve found multiple uses?

…come on!



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