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Monday, January 11, 2010

Seeds are here, Now Where is Spring!

This past week I received my order from Sustainable Seed Company. Peppers, maters, Brussle sprouts, greens beans, zucchini, melons, spinach, lettuce and bunches more. If I don’t quit drooling on shuffling and reading the packets over and over they may wear out and I’ll loose the seeds. We, well I’m planning on doubling the space and variety I’m planting this year and need to see what veggie can go next to what and when etc.. I want to have it planned out and ready to go when we, OK, Mr. Fix~It tills. We have a mile long list of spring & summer projects so time will be limited when actual planting time comes. I also have a flowerbed I plan to turn into an herb garden which starts another search of seed companies.

I dropped the ball this past week in clearing clutter. But, I plan on diving into more of that starting tomorrow. We have a playroom downstairs that has become a storage locker & most will find its way to a thrift store. If it was Spring I would just have a gigunda yard sale but, I want it gone NOW!

I found a really neat blog the other day, My Sailors Mistress . Jennifer is a young Mom living on the west coast who’s husband just deployed to …well, where ever he went. Anyway, she’s just getting her blog going. As a military brat ( meant with utmost respect) and a Navy wife she fully understands how difficult it can be for spouses left behind with all the responsibilities, of raising & caring for the family. Now, imagine being new to new to the area & service life. I think her blog will develop into a wonderful resource for military spouses/partners. So, if you know of a military family sent them her way. Better yet, pop over and welcome her to blogger land yourself!


  1. I am DYING to start seedlings in my greenhouse. I still have seeds so I don't have to buy new, except corn and we're going to try onions this year. I look at my little lonely greenhouse and my sad bleak garden and my fingers start itching for the soil!

  2. I'd LOVE to garden, but there is an issue with my black thumb. Sigh.


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