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Saturday, January 16, 2010

What Happened to the Rest of the Week?

What happened to the first part of the week!  It’s gone already!  I must have blinked. 

I can’t say I’ve been doing anything life altering but just puttering around here. 
I have been playing with my new mixer, and  I  love it!

Christmas 134

Its a bit messier slower making butter than the food processor but cookies mix up quick!

Yes, I know the 70’s green counters went out in …..well the 70’s but, they’re paid for and there is usually enough stuff on the counters I don’t see them any more!

Christmas 135

A few hats were knit orders, I had them ready to go but I felt would be to small so I remade them to be on the safe side.hats 009There’s been some other knitting, I have 1 pair of longies completed & drying, (with another on the needles) a pair of shorties also completed and drying.

hats 008

  I’ve been playing with a pattern for a simple headband/ear warmer for Danielle.  She’s outside so much with the kids and her ears get cold…but will she wear a hat? No….so I’m trying to come up with some thing she can use.

I’ve also been test knitting for another company & will post it when they say it’s ok.  Which, I’m sure will be soon.  Actually as soon as I ask!

The basement is slowly getting weeded out.  One benefit is I found a comforter for the bed in Isaiah’s old room.  It’s new!  I vaguely remember purchasing it right before they moved in & never got it out as they had their own things. 

Its been interesting sorting through some of the stuff down there.  It’s the kids old playroom and has become a storage dump…all the things they wanted to keep but not take with them  when they moved out. Slowly but surly it’s being emptied.  Honestly, I just don’t want to do all the trips up and down the stairs it would take to do it all at once.  Besides, once the playroom is done I need to work on the sewing room & I’m not looking forward to that.

Tomorrow Erika & I are going to the Louisville Home and Garden Show.  We are just looking for landscaping ideas for her house.  That’s the story any way!

What are you plans for the weekend?



  1. My week went in the blink of an eye.
    Did not get much accomplished, just watched kiddos and did a little knitting. Did the pattern I sent you arrive? If not, I will send it again.

  2. You know.... If you'd gotten one of those putrid yellow mixers it'd match the counters. I actually like the retro stuff, but that's me, LOL.

    Love the mixer! Love the hats & can't wait to see the new "secret" projects!

  3. I think Danielle would love an ear warmer. I am on her side - HATE hats! But, my grandma bought me an ear warmer, and I do wear and love that! If you find a good pattern, can you pretty please post it? They are sadly lacking!

  4. KITCHEN AID!!! And the clouds part and the angels are singing!!! KITCHEN AID!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!

    Love mine! :)

  5. Evy, Yes! I got the patterns * will start one this next week! THANK you! I think I started to leave you a note and you were gone on vacation.

  6. Michaela, Yes retro wks for me, we keep looking at replacing but...it's not broke so we don't "fix it " 8D

  7. Christna, I'll have pic's up soon, just a ribed band but it works!

  8. Beth! THANK YOU!!! Thats exactly how I feel! We kill 2 hand mixers a year so it "only made since"...thats my story & I'm stickin to it!

  9. Katie, beautiful hats! I didn't ever think about making butter in a food processor. Brilliant!

    (from backyard farming)


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