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Friday, January 22, 2010

Bunn’s, Butt’s & MORE Bunn’s

The Bunn’s part of the story…..

Remember the sad saga the other day when my Bunn died?  Well Mr. Fix~it & Isaiah went shopping that evening  and brought me home a new one…. Here she is in all her glory.   We’re still going through an adjustment period as Eunice doesn’t seem to keep the coffee quite as hot as Harriet…(May she rest in peace)..and her basket is different. As I said we’re adjusting to one another.bunn 032

The Butt’s part

I was honored to test knit a Sleep Sack pattern for Amber Perry of “Butt Knits” .

Had you wondering there didn’t I!

bunn 031

Its a fun knit, with clearly written instructions,  suitable for a beginner but has enough options for ruffles or lace to keep most knitters interested. Sleep sacks are wonderful for quick night time changes on small noodle legged babies.  Another nice thing which I’ve not seen in a sleep sack pattern is size option, small/newborn or a 3/6m.The best part? 

It’s Free! Pick up your copy & tell Amber I said Hi!

The More Bunn’s Part!

I had sent a quick e-mail off to Bunn with photo’s attached..not being snarkey, just to let them know “You may Have a Safety/FIRE hazard PROBLEM"?”

That was Monday night I think, anyway..

Yesterday (Thursday) morning after 1/2 cup of coffee in me I answered the phone….And it was BUNN!  They made a few mumbled statements concerning a recall , verified my address which they had on file & said they would send me a new one…(like they did a recall notice?)

Which I assumed would arrive about the time Evelyn would graduate High School (yes, I know her first birthday is next month)

This morning right about 10 am ….LOOK WHAT I FOUND ON THE PORCH!  ( that’s a squeal not yelling)

A NEWbunn 033 COFFEE POT!!  

Fed Ex, Overnight!

Now, I have 2 Bunn’s!

& 1 Butt…

That didn’t quite sound right…

I’m going for a refill!

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  1. LOL
    Love it!!!
    Kudos for Bunn..

    and at least when they called - they weren't hot cross bunns. :-D

  2. Lucky you!!!! You will be a coffee drinking machine now. :D

    Enjoy your weekend.


  3. Congratulations on your Bunn's and your Butt!!

    That really sounds wrong!!

  4. Well that is just cool! Another reason to stick with Bunn!

    This makes me miss owning a drip coffee maker!

  5. Wow! In this day and age when so many companies don't seem to care about customers at all, it's refreshing to hear of one that still stands behind their product (sorta . . . recall? Hmm, right). Good for them for sending you the replacement so promptly.

    Fun to see the little knitted cover-up.

  6. Hey Ladies! Thanks for visiting, pull up a chair & I'll pour you a cup or ............2!


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