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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Lines On My Face

Ever look in the mirror  and say holy cow!  Who is that with all the lines on her face like a road map!

Nope, me neither.  She’s been visiting me for years,

I saw her face on her wedding day smooth cheeked then,  so calm knowing this was the man God placed before her for a lifetime commitment.

I saw her face with a baby on her hip, many babies.

I saw her face braiding hair, of many heads and colors

I saw her face with tears, worry, joy & pride as a young mother

I saw her face peek in to watch daughters apply make up & a

son shave for the first time (that I knew of)

I saw face  at prayer and peace…..with tears of joy and sadness for her children, knowing they had to make some decisions on their own, and live with the consequences.

I saw her face on her children’s wedding day knowing they too were marrying the the person God placed in their path.

I saw her face as her daughter gave birth & she held held her grandchild  for the first time

I saw her face reflected in the NICU window peering at another beloved grandchild,  full of faith, love & fear all at the same time

I’ve seen her face, full of self doubt, fear, joy, laughter & love.

(OK, I’ve seen her pissy a few times too, but we won’t so there)

Last night, I saw her face full of love reflected in the mirror as she stood and watched her graying (stud muffin)  husband sleep, thanking God for every day he has given her with this man & looking forward to the years ahead and other lines to come. 

Who do you see when you look in the mirror?



  1. Awe, you tricked me. I thought this would be something funny about us defying our age. That was so precious. I really cried. What's wrong with me?? (menopause? lol)
    Trick tricky, Mrs. Katie. Very tricky!


  2. It honestly started to be something funny....but this is what came out!

  3. When I look at my Mom…
    I see a woman who has lines on her face.
    I see one line for the time my brother and sisters set fire to the back yard… and she made the fire department come and give all of us a lecture and demonstration scary enough we NEVER did it again.
    I see a FEW lines for the times my sister fell and broke her arm, leg, appendage of some sort or cut, sliced… lets just say all those ER visits involving blood, stitches, crutches, bandages and wraps.
    I see a line or two caused by my brother, ADHD sometimes out of control, and never holding still, constantly getting in trouble for something.
    I see a couple lines from the insistent phone calls at work from her children at home… somebody got touched, tortured, hurt, beat up, looked at, or wouldn’t get out of the bathroom.
    I see lines of stress caused from trying to run one child here while another needs picked up across town… at the same time while entertaining the two in the car.
    I see lines caused from sacrifices made to allow her children to attend private school.
    I see two lines of worry and strength combined for her two teen parents that were lost without her.
    I see a line or two for her oldest daughter… her independent streak reincarnated… and increased.
    I see lines caused from the, “Sure, they can stay as long as they need.” because a friend doesn’t really know where to call home.
    I see some lines caused from the hard times and difficulties of raising a family of six.
    I see lines caused from the sacrifices she made for her family, going without new clothes, shoes, car parts, and name brand.
    I see lines caused from countless nights staying up late praying with our father over some sort of issue we were going through.

    I see a woman who has lines on her face.
    I see lines of pride for my dance recitals, ROTC awards and competitions, sewing talents (or attempts) and warm heart (yes, I promise Chris it is).
    I see lines of pride for the first time Rachel scored a goal, got an awesome hit, made a basket, and befriended the elderly gentleman down the street and his special needs daughter.
    I see lines of pride for Aaron winning awards in scouts, performing a lead role in the musical at school, or helping a complete, random stranger.
    I see lines of pride for Danielle winning a spelling bee or color guard performance, or insisting on wearing what she wanted to wear whether it was in style or not, because it was HER style.
    I see lines caused from allowing her children to make decisions on their own instead of for them and helping them deal with the consequences.
    I see lines… but I see my mother for the woman she is; talented, creative, crazy, honest, loving, caring, generous, faithful, and beautiful.

  4. Katie,

    I am not sure who made me cry more. You or your daughter. Beautiful.

    I bet all those lines are worth it...

  5. Wow, What a sweetie! Now you know why she is my favorite youngest daughter!

  6. aww. I hope I have children like yours when they are all grown up Katie.

  7. I don't know, but she has white chin whiskers. WHITE I tell you! EEK.


    I'm a complete mush right now. Thanks. HUGS.

  8. You must check out my latest blog post!!!


  9. Very sweet and so true Katie. I too look in the mirror and see the lines but I wear my lines proudly for I know that I have lived a good life and that's what made those lines.



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