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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Morning Coffee, PLEASE!

Um, I have to admit, this is pretty close to me in the morning. When I was up at “O God” thirty this morning I made a immediate beeline for the coffee pot. My Bunn, my sweetie…(well that’s another story)..anyway, I filled the water pourer thingie & turned to pour the water in the pot…and forgot to hold on. To the water pourer thingie. Full of water. Yes, in slow sleepy eyed motion I watched as the water thingie slipped out of my hand and continue on to the counter and then to the floor.

Because my priorities are perfect first thing in the morning, I did the potty dance while I made coffee….

Drinking my first cup while listening to the weather report tell me it was cold…could be what those snow flurries were about…I finally looked at the now dripping counter. And decided I needed another cup before I approached it. Now I’m not sure about your house but here we have a large counter about 5 steps inside the door. Need to remember something you need to take on the way out the door? Set it on the counter. Mail? Set it on the counter. Bertha…on the counter. It’s been my main clutter catcher in the house. I was going to tackle it today… if I had time.

I decided I needed a 3rd cup before I waded in. By the way, baking soda removes ink from wet mail that stains counters.

Aside from Bertha the counter is cleaned off & dry. Clutter busting achieved!

I’m happy to report no chocolate was lost in the incident.

I checked some just to be sure.

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  1. Good grief girl, what a way to start your day! At least it was clear water - right? Try turning the pot on to brew and forgetting to put the pot in if you really want a mess! I know from experience.


    ps. Our clutter catcher is the dryer that sits right by the back door. Everybody has one.

  2. Katie, being a true coffee junkie myself, I can relate to the potty dance while making coffee! Nothing like a cup-o-Joe.

  3. Sounds like a great start to the day. Hope it gets better.

  4. Sounds like many a morning we have in this house. My biggest coffee disaster this morning was that the timer had shut it off before I got up. I actually got to sleep in a bit today. No easy task with an 8-wk old puppy.....

  5. My kids would never think of talking to me before I have my first cup of coffee. They like their head where it is at. Cheers

  6. Yep, cup after cup after cup of coffee is the only way to deal with winter! I am glad to see I am not the only one. Keep warm!


  7. lol I hope you don't mind but your post made me laugh.

    I have a great husband that brings me coffee each morning in bed so if any one is going to spill something everywhere, it will be him, not me.

  8. good work ... I am the same wit Tea in the Morning ... glad to hear Bertha is happy and No chocolate was wasted.

  9. Today was a big coffee day, and my little keurig just wasn't going to cut it. I pulled out the old Pot.Happy happy day!

    BTW: I love you! you just made my day!


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