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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wake up Parents Rant!

So, your children have a ball go over the fence & into the neighbors yard numerous times, and this is the result? What a wonderful lesson (insert extreme sarcasm here) for our children!!!
What happened to parents be parents! The first time I can understand, they apologise and retrieve the ball, and a necessary discussion of an appropriate area for ball play! I can understand once possibly twice depending on the age of the children but this is just sad on so many levels. Obviously this occurs on a regular basis. How about teaching them repercussions/responsibility for their actions, they lose the ball! How about respect for other peoples property? Right and wrong!
Apparently this lady has gardens and the balls are constantly crushing her plants. For goodness sake, shes almost 90! Who cares what age, its just wrong. I guess this is proof my kids were right when they called me a mean mom. Mine would have lost the ball, been weeding or mowing for her to "pay" for the damages. What a misuse of a already overburdened Law enforcement!
Isn't this a wonderful lesson of our leaders of tomorrow
Train a child in the way he should go..............


  1. Thank you! I have already been accused of being a mean Mom - it is nice to hear that some people out there will appreciate it! LOL You are right, but I think this is the direction our society is going in.

  2. "Mine would have lost the ball.." Same here. Kids are coddled too much these days, which is not doing them any favors. When they become adults they will be expected to be responsible for their actions...

  3. and they shall not depart from it.. mine aren't old enough to say I'm mean yet but I'm sure it will come! lol


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