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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Just a Little Knitting A.D.D.

It's Saturday, for me Play Day!

We were going to work on the patio area laying more rocks but, last night we were loading the tractor bucket with some large rocks & Larry "popped" a muscle in his back. Slept on an ice-pack so he can walk today. So no more rock moving for a few days. But, it's Bow season so, guess where he is .....in the woods for next 2 days.
I decided to take advantage of the free day and do a bit of dyeing. Yes again!
High Meadow re-skeined

I call this one "High Meadow", it reminds me of a blooming spring meadow in the Sierra's.

I also had a bit of A.D.D knitting.
2 Pr of longies in the works. (who knew they would be so addicting!)

My 5th child was having tantrums this afternoon, I think he was feeling a bit left out. So, this one is for
"Papuga"polish for...


"Puga" for short. My 2yr old Pionus Parrot.

I call it "Parrot Play". I think I came pretty close, don't you?

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