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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Wow, what a vacation! I almost hated to come home. We had 2 weeks, 10 flights, and 4 hotels.
Not many photos now as I have to find the memory chip! I HEARD YOUR SIGH OF RELIEF! LOL (sort of).
Our first stop was Sydney....What an introduction to Australia! This was our view from our hotel room. I have never used the word "charming" to describe any place, person or thing. But Sydney is charming, its the only word I find appropriate to describe the city. They have found a way to preserve and present the architecture & history of the city while blending in modern structures & conveniences.
We had the opportunity to sail as rookie crew in a mini regatta. We won. It possibly had a bit to do with our captain being the Admiral of the local yacht club and, a 3 time participant of the America's Cup. Just a little I'm sure. We had a blast but, I can't envision us sailing on the Ohio River! A very European flavor to the shopping, open markets, little side alleys full of shops, and sidewalks! Nice wide sidewalks that allow room for outdoor cafes & pedestrians. A lot of traffic but, mostly delivery or service vehicles. Everyone walks. It was wonderful. I loved it, we as a nation drive everywhere to the malls or shopping, they walk or take the bus. The food, was WONDERFUL! Lot of fresh veggies, fresh grain and Turkish breads. Cappachino heaven! The food and exercise may be one reason they are a fit nation. Over 20 hrs flying total to get there but, I would go back tomorrow in a heart beat!

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  1. Welcome home! I'm a little green (with jealousy) over here. Sounds like a wonderful place to visit. You got me at the fresh veggies! And the shot from your hotel room!


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