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Friday, October 3, 2008

Hannah Banana Sheepy Time Test Knit DONE!

The "Sheepy Time", "Big Girl Skirt" is DONE! I used Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn, acrylic at the moms request.
It was easy knit, very simple increases, great directions. Way to go Mandie, I'll be making this one again.
And the infant pattern? Built in soakers with a skirt overlay. A must have for any Diapered Darlin.

I have to make a shameless plug for a company called "Lost River Rags"
They have soap that is absolutely wonderful! Most of you know my daughter Rachel has cancer. The Chemo & treatments leave her skin so sensitive shes had a hard time finding something she will not have a reaction using. Well, let me tell you if you have or know of anyone with sensitive skin, try their products. The Goats Milk Soap is wonderful. They have a large variety of scented soaps such as Amber, Sage, Pumpkin, Orange to name a few. They even have one called "Monkey Farts"! I had to get that one for Hannah! Lots of shapes, lotions designs for children. They enclose samples of other products in each order. I can't say it will happen every time but my last order was placed on Tuesday evening and I received my package in Thursdays mail. You just cant beat products or service like that!


  1. I'm sorry Kati, I didn't know your daughter had cancer. I would like to include her in my prayers. Love the skirt!

  2. Debby, All Prayers Are Welcome! God is good tho, he will get Rachel & Adam thru this. Erika's wedding is the last photo I have of her, there is another of them on the beach 2 yrs ago. Standing on FAITH!


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