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Friday, October 3, 2008

Catching up & Test Knitting

Wow, Its almost been a week! I've been scrambling a bit trying to catch up.
First off, I've been test knitting for Mandie of "Sheepy Time Knits" The wonderful "Skirty" pattern she has for infants an toddlers had been released, modified for "Big Girls"! I have about 2 more inches and I'm done with the A-line skirt. I was off on my planning and did not get this completed prior to the reception but, will finish it today. I'll post a completed photo later today or tomorrow morning. I used Hobby Lobby "I Love This Yarn" as it needs to be washable and easy care. Pinks and Browns, popular colors this year. It was slated to be a Christmas gift for Hannah, my friend Johanna's daughter but I think she will receive this early!

After a year of making and selling Soakers, many have asked me for "Longies" (knitted wool pants.) The gusset always looked so fussy to me and I've avoided them. But, with the new baby coming (remember, power of Pink Prayer) I had to dive in and give them a try. Sure wish I had sooner! These are my first pair of "Sheepy Pants" from my hand dyed colorway, "Midnight Dreams" size small. Made of 100% Fisherman's wool.
The instructions are excellent! Mandie's written them just as if she was sitting next to you, giving step by step directions

Aren't they cute? Look at that gusset, no holes!

If your not familiar to wool for cloth diapering, Mandie has a excellent explanation here.

It's not your Mommas cloth diapers!

And, being the A.D.D. knitter I am,
Here is the second pair I started yesterday. Yes, its one reason the "Big Girl Skirty" is not finished. Shhh...Don't tell Mandie!

This time I'm using my hand dyed colorway "After the Storm". Color of the evening sky just before dusk, with flecks of lavender/purple. 100% Merino wool.

Both should be in my Etsy Shop in the next day or so. Stop in for a visit!

And the second reason the "Big Girl Skirt" is not completed.
After all the goings on of preparing for the reception I needed some fiber therapy....(sounds good right?)
I broke out the Koolaide and Easter egg dye & created "Flamin Fun". Here it is skeined from the dye pot

And here is is re skeined. I see "Longies" in its future but, I WILL complete the skirt before I cast on for these!

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