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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bums & Booties

Not much going on here but knitting!

I bought the license for "Sheepy Time Knits" just in time to make some "Bum Warmers" for Fall and Winter weather. I've been playing with wool ever since!

Dipped into my "Purewool" stash for some "Sheepy Pants," figured I earned it! I didn't realized I have been buying only one skein of each color, who does THAT! This pair of longies is a combination knit in the colorways "Mysterious" & "Chocolate" size medium & for sale in my Etsy store! ;)
Purewool is just so soft, I didn't want to put them down.
Knit From Stash!

I used my hand dyed "Bahama Breeze" colorway for this next pair. Size small, colors of Melon Pink, dusty Purple & Turquoise. Super soft for baby's skin. It amazes me how breathable wool longies are. Knitting in the sunshine outside they are not to warm, knitting at night in the cool weather, they keep my hands warm. They will be wonderful to maintain a baby's body temperature. Just listed in my Etsy store. ;)
Another Stash knit

Another pair of Sheepy Pants, these are made of 100% Merino one of the softest for the smallest of babies. I used another of my own hand dye "After the Storm"
And, you guessed it, these are posted in my Etsy store ;).
These longies all come with draw strings for the waist in coordinated colors, I just did not have them threaded when I took photos.

another knit FROM STASH!

And a few pair of "Best Booties", a custom order for Ashley. She is expecting a baby in about 4 weeks, congratulations! These are Black, to be sent with other pairs in Royal Blue & Chocolate to keep little toes warm.
These will be on the way to her tomorrow morning.
And yes, there are more in the Etsy store.
More STASH knitting !!
At this rate, in about 150 yrs I should be out of fiber!

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