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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Love, Laughter, Good Friends & Family

Wow, what a wonderful time we had, we are blessed with so many friends & family. I don't think we could have asked for a more perfect day, mid to high 70's, a tad overcast & a light breeze.

Casual, family style fun.

My friend Johanna my sister in every way but blood came 2 days before as in.... stayed from 8 am till 10-11pm helping me prepare the food & smoking chicken right before the Reception.

A few close friends came early, helped serve food allowing us to enjoy our guests. We owe them big time! Bless you Kenny & Joyce!
We are always teasing and cutting up in our family. So when Our oldest daughter Danielle (Who made the cakes) realized funfetti cake and pink frosting is Chris' favorite, well....lets just say The Pink grooms cake was a surprise to Christopher. But don't tell Isaiah, he thought it was his! Well, Mom & Chris had the big one right?

Can you believe these are the only 2 photos I have that are printable? UGGGHHH!!

Johanna in the cowboy hat enjoying a much deserved rest!--------->
One of my husbands customers came the day before and set up a bouncy tent for the kids! Wow it was great!
Then he set up.....drum roll please.......a 75 ft obstacle course for the adults! Yes ,this was a wedding reception LOL, and yes I did do the obstacle course!
We never used the boccie balls or volleyball net.
We ended the evening about 11 pm around the fire pit with about a dozen of the kids friends.
But the best thing? The rib cracking hug from my daughter and
"Thank you Momma, it's PERFECT"

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  1. I'm so glad it came out so well given the "obstacles" you faced beforehand! What a beautiful cake and what great ideas for a very fun reception. Good friends can't be beat.


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