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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Vacation Time!

Busy next 2 days! Did I tell you we are leaving for a few weeks vacation? I’m SOOOO excited! We are traveling to Australia & New Zealand! A Dream come true trip for Larry & I. We both have traveled to many countries while active duty (before we met) but had not made it to these. I know its silly but neither of us have said much about going (except to each other) I think were both worried about Jinxing the trip, at least I was.
So I have a challenge before me….packing for 2 wks, weather of mid 50’s to low 80s,….in one bag no more than 40 lbs! We checked into taking at least one more bag & it would be $65.00 for each flight. That’s no to bad, until you take in account we have 3 flights on the way over and 3 returning, to the tune of $390.00. FOR 1 BAG? I think I’ll find a laundromat or use hotel laundry & still come out ahead. That’s dipping into my shopping $$. O.K., I’ll admit it, I’m cheap! Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Queenstown and anywhere in between! I cant wait!
With 20 hrs flight each way, I’m putting some serious consideration of what knitting projects will go into my carry-on. I think a large pair of Sheepy Pants and another Tikki Rainbow Dress, both patterns I know and easy to pick up and knit with out a lot of thought.

Oh, and I have a meet up planned in Melbourne with my Ravelry friend Mel! I can’t wait! I’m sure she can help me find a local yarn store for return projects!

Yesterday I re-skeined my “Grass Lizard” and am very pleased! I think it will look great as a pair of Sheepy Pants. What do you think?

As for the Tikki Rainbow Dress, I think this one in teal and gray. Or, possibly a variegated and solid....hmmmmhave to think of that.

I love earrings, I have a pile (or 2) of earrings. I lose earrings. How do you store them? They have those useless earring trees that hold maybe 5-6 pair? I’d need quite a few, and a jewelry box is just another (thing to dust) mess waiting to happen. I think I have found in Ravelry the solution to part of the problem. Check this out! Sarah of "knitting adventures" came up with this idea. How fun is this? You could even attach it to the wall with some of the lone post earrings we all have! Think of the color combos, with all those scraps….. what a fun stash buster!

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  1. wow. you posted a link to my pattern on your blog. i'm very, very flattered at how much people are loving this. :)



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