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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Day in the Dye Pot

Saturday, (I know I'm late, way behind in posting) was a blast. No laundry or dishes were done. I played almost all day! I spent the day dyeing fiber for longies.

I've had "pink" on the brain for so long I needed to come up with color combinations for boys, just in case.
Isaiah took one look at this one and said it looks like a Lizard!
so, we have "Grass Lizard" Slated to be large longies, I have trim for waist and cuff in the Blue.

Medium to deep Green, Orange & medium Navy Blue

"Denim & Lace" I love Navy and Pink combined.
I was very pleased with how this came out . Navy, Wine and White with every shade in between.

"Wine & Roses"
Just as the name says graduated color from pale Rose to Deep Wine. There should be enough here for large longies.

"Pretty Pansies"
Multi shades of Pink, Purple & touches of White.

"Tide Pool"
Graduated dip dyed of Navy & Teal.
The photo doesn't show it well but the colors are graduated through the skein.
I'll start with the light shades at the waist and will be deepest at the cuff.

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