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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Recycled & Repurposed Yard Art or, Garage Floor

Hope you had a nice break with the 3-day weekend. Saturday we accomplished quite a bit around here. We worked on the rock wall. We actually have the wall completed and are adding the top cap or, the seating top layer. YAHOOOOOOOO. This has been quite an experience. To give you an idea there is 22 yards of concrete in this wall. It was a garage floor that cracked and we had replaced then, became what I call Yard Art. A huge mound of chopped up concrete in the front yard. A yard of concrete is roughly a TON of weight. We did have a tractor bucket to scoop and bring the chunks to the area we were constructing the wall but, we still had to handle each 40-100 lb piece, fitting them together like a huge puzzle. The narrowest slab is 3 inches thick We still need to work on the steps down but the wall itself is done. We will be hosting Erika’s wedding reception here on the 27th so the plan is to have the floor laid by then. This 90-degree heat is slowing us down so we shall see!

I think I like this back side best :)

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