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Sunday, September 14, 2008

UFO Pile of Shame! Accountability Check!

The end of my kitchen table is covered with
skeins of yarn and working projects. I'm " working it clear" (SURE I AM)Then there is a/was a basket of UFO's in the living room, lets say one of many and leave it at that! All of these need either Frogged, buttons or just sewn up. Some are from LAST September. The Burgundy shrug, needs frogged. I was to the point of sewing it for a Christmas outfit for Erika and found a major error right after the neck line. Of course its top down knit

See that? It has marinated for a year. My first Grown up garment. Fits her beautifully, just needs seamed, now to be frogged.
The Pink Ivory & brown shrug was /is for a friends daughter. A birthday gift from Apr/May. Just needs the button placket and ends tucked in.
2 bibs, just need buttons, The Mossy Oak sweater? I don't know what I've done but the front doesn't meet, FROG! I wonder if any one else has had this problem, I've counted stitches and its correct to the pattern.

Yellow and green sweater? Just needs a button! I have a cute Daisy one ready and waiting.
Blue Jumper has been done for months, waiting for decorative stitching, The kimono jacket just needs seamed for nearly a year~

Needle case I got bored with, 3/4 of the way done & need for Christmas. Ear warmers & hat? only 3 wks old.

That's the first of 3 baskets.
So, my new short term goal? I have to complete at least 3 things before I start another.
That's not counting dyeing though, I already have my yarn soaking !


  1. Hi! Thank you for the comment on my blog. I left you an "I Love Your Blog" award on my blog since I do! Looks like you'll have some great hand knits when you add buttons and such. Wow!

  2. My problem is the opposite ... I have too many buttons and nothing to put them on. A match made in heaven! Great blog btw ;)


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