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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dye Happy (ok obsessive!)

My 2nd attempt at Koolaid dyeing.

Citrus colors, Lime, Yellow & a Coral/ watermelon in Fisherman's wool.

Dip dyeing with sock yarn, I LOVE this one. To bad its sock yarn. Possibly a scarf in its future!

This is a Cascade 22o in a gold color.
I used a Purple dye & it gave me a rich Chestnut color. The green was a Hunter Green that came out a cross between Olive and a dark Leaf Green.
This one has my daughter Danielle's name written all over on it!

Fisherman's wool again, graduated color of Pale pink to a deep rose with, the base Ivory to Browns.

The photos are a bit fuzzy but, I bet you'll be seeing them again as finished objects!

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