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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Soaker Stocking

New soaker stocking for Etsy & KDC
"Lavender Peace", size large, 100% Peace Fleece wool.

"Grove" size large, 100% wool Purchased from Radiant Twist. Wonderfully soft fluff.

"Navajo" size large, 100% Fisherman's wool.
My first dye!

"Rocker" size large, 100% Merino wool.

In My house a camera left out in the open is considered "free game," you never know what you will find I do believe pregnancy has curled her brain!


  1. Just wonderingif you could post a link to that fabulous shrug pattern? i'd like to make a couple for neices for Christmas but I can't find the pattern link.


    A**W**E**S**O**M**E** blog by the way!!!

  2. The pattern is called confections, if you click on the word in my blog it will take you to it. Or, you can find it on Ravelry
    Thanks for visiting!


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