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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sticks in the Water Cardigan & Free Pattern

I haven't really been slacking, we've been pretty busy (crazy-frantic) with preparations for Erika & Chris' Wedding Reception.

The storm damage has set us back about 6 days of yard & patio/courtyard work. Larry is working himself ragged trying to complete it. We are down to placing the stones for the floor and it's a "one man show" from here on out. I know we wont have the entire floor completed in time but he hopes to have the stones that are out set. The rest will have to be leveled pea gravel. Well, you do what you can right? I think its , going to look fantastic when were through.

I do have a few works to show, in between manic bouts of cleaning I finished the "Hannah Banana" Sweater. Hannah is my good friend Johanna's daughter. Big girl in first grade this year! This is a crop sleeve, shrug, sweater. It was made for her birthday in May....all it needed was the front button band completed. Another UFO completed!

Shes so excited to finally get to wear it. We are having cool fall mornings so it will come in handy waiting for the school bus.

This one was made with Bernat Chunky, washable for a active child and working single mom!

So I was cruising around Ravelry (which always gets me in trouble) I found this adorable baby boy sweater pattern called "Felix's Cardigan" & could not resist!
I used a washable "I Love this Yarn" from Hobby Lobby. I love this colorway & call it "
Sticks in the Water"
The directions are very clear and easy to follow. Only took about 3 hours of knitting.
I just deleted the 2nd photo showing the full sweater! Great for that "oh, I forgot" baby shower!
Make sure you leave her a note if you make it up. To often we benefit from others work and never leave a note of thanks!
Oh, I just found out I received a Blog award, from one of my 3 readers!!!
I'll go scoop it and post it in a bit.
Back to manic cleaning and cooking!


  1. ...
    Both Sweaters are So Cute
    What pattern did you use for Hannah's?? Did you just crop a regular sweater?? It looks really nice like that :)

  2. lol and I'm glad I'm not the only one who 'escapes' to ravelry and had to clean like a mad woman before dh gets home....

  3. my mind has left me, very beautiful cardigan.. love the name and colorway too! I have never seen it before.


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