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Sunday, August 31, 2008

"Just Call Me Punk" KAL Knitting

I joined a really fun group on Ravelry called Chunky Monkey, We have a Hat/Cowl KAL (Knit a long) running thru the 15th of September. This is my 2nd project with the group. It’s 97 degrees out and I’m thinking winter?
The first one was fun so I went for the second. When it was completed all of my models were working! So, Isaiah volunteered, o.k. bribed.
It’s quite big for him so the bottom edge rolls but, it fits nicely on an adult. I had a bit of the yarn left over so I made some wristers.
One of my daughters saw this set and said Oh Mom, your going Punk! Isaiah was the only one home to use as a model. He put the wristers on and shouted “I HAVE THE POWER!” He’s such a guy! LOL

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