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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday Rambling and Inspiration

The Wind storm gave me a bit of inspiration. The sky Sunday night was a rich royal blue with purple streaks, colors only nature could provide.
This was my puny attempt to duplicate it.
What I ended up with is close to Sunday's sunset.
I can settle for sunset!
I call it "After the Storm"

It was my second attempt with Wilton food coloring. I realized later I used to much vinegar.
I'll keep what I have!

In keeping with my new self imposed rule of finishing 3 before you start another project.....This was an order for 2 Lavender Paws. Another Lisa Milan of Digknitty design. On the way to Canada!

O.k., thats 2 down.....

Remember this? It's still a fuzzy photo but, its now a Diaper soaker.

I recently purchased a cottage license for the Sheep Time Knits pattern and I have to say its the best I've found. If you use cloth diapers and like wool soakers it is wonderful.

Her pattern is designed with legs front loading to allow plenty of diaper room. She gives directions to modify the soaker for any baby shape, Buddha to
string bean. In other words no need for short rows!

The second is a large soaker made with Peace fleece Peace fleece and the creation of the company is an awesome story. Worth a read.

2 completed diaper soakers.....up to 4 FO's!

I found all of these dish cloths started in various stages in 3 separate tote bags, the van, the car, the family room & well....get the idea?

And here I have been after Isaiah for getting into my knitting needles!
I didn't realize I had so many sets of 6,7 & 8 needles....maybe thats why I was using the 8's....

Hmm, anyway that brings me to... well enough to start a new project!

Nosin around on line a few months ago

I found this adorable pattern, "Rainbow Dress" by Georgie Hallam of tiKKi.

There was only one problem, I have no Grand daughters. Excuse me but my children will sometimes read my blog.....I HAVE NO GRAND DAUGHTERS!!!!!! 2 wonderful grandsons but, NO GRAND DAUGHTERS!!!!

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  1. I love your after the storm. The sky was incredible later that evening. I was amazed at the brightness of the full moon that night. I thought we had street lights.

    Are you sure they heard you about the granddaughters? Out of 7 grandkids, my mom only has 2 granddaughters.


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