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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ceilings A Frugal Fix!

One of the things we loved about this house when we found it was the full basement.  The walls are double thickness.  At one time the prior owner had a leak so, he dug around the outer perimeter and poured a 2nd wall!  It gives us a nice safe space for tornado season.  We also loved the huge open semi finished spaces & through the years the basement has gone through a lot of changes adapting to the needs at that time.   A Bedroom walled off , we added a playroom with storage closets.  I had a sewing room but now use it strictly for fabric stash as  I have to much fabric to actually sew in there we used the space for other things. But no finished ceiling.

The ceiling always stumped us. Neither of us like a drop ceiling & we would be working around vents & pipes that would need to be accessible so that knocked out wall board or sheetrock.

trains & terracotta 013

Our solution? A fabric ceiling!  Muslin to be accurate.  I worked at a fabric store at the time and ladies were purchasing a lot of muslin to create the tent effect in rooms…..trains & terracotta 012

not what we wanted but it gave me an idea.  I bought seconds of muslin 45 inches wide (the little  fiber slubs that made it 2nds for quilting didn’t matter for our use), it fit the studs with room to overlap, we could trim off excess to make it fit what ever shape or size. 

Watching sales I would buy a bolt or yardage in lengths we needed and add as the budget allowed!  It’s been up about 15 yrs.  We can pull it down to fix leaks or work on heat ducts with out the normal mess you have of wall board or mud & tape! Makes for easy& quick home maintenance.   It catches dust from the floor above and can be vacuumed gently with a brush & really lightens the room.

Perfect?  No, but it’s served its purpose thru the years and we have no plans to replace it!  To many other projects to work on!

Like those purple & lavender doors in the train room!


  1. Very frugal and very cool idea! I love it.

  2. Its been great! Most of th fabric I bought for .50-.99cents a yard. We used RocLon as it was the sturdiest

  3. That is a great idea and very frugal. There is nothing wrong with the lavender doors - they look nice!!

  4. I would have never in a million years thought of it.


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