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Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Gardens Going In!

2 weeks ago (in between rain storms) & as soon as it was dry enough Mr Fix~It & the boys tilled the garden for me.  We wanted a 3rd area and almost killed the tiller trying to break ground.

Not to be defeated……………… he broke out the Big Boy ToysHayden & garden 010

Every job needs a foreman & supervisor right?Hayden & garden 008Onions I planted last week, today the salad portion and beans went in…tomorrow I put my kitchen back together.  After years of cream ceilings and walls we repainted today.  Green…….I think I like it. It’s a much bolder color than I envisioned but, with new curtains up I think it will be fine… I hope!

And can some on PLEASE tell me what it is about Golden Retriever’s and sticks?Easter 2010 100 The bigger the better!

He steals my row markers in the garden, walk the yard before mowing to collect branches & he steals them from the pileHayden & garden 009   and we never lack for kindling for the fire pit with Buddy around.  Its all fun & games until he tries to bring them in the house!

How was your weekend?


  1. Buddy is an absolutely sweetheart. My Labs love sticks. Drives me nuts.

  2. Oh, how my husband would love to have your Big Boy Toy!

    When we had our cocker spaniel, I would throw rocks from the garden over onto the rock pile and she would immediately bring them back to me in the garden. With help like that . . .

    You're way ahead of us on the gardening scene . . . but then most of the nation is! Feels good to be working outside in the dirt, doesn't it?


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