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Monday, April 26, 2010

Projaholics Are Back!

We started the addition!

And it’s been….. interesting . We found out the hard way a few years ago the original owner took all kinds of short cuts when he built the house. Minor details (not)little things like water pipes plumed straight through without emergency shut off valves..you know **ahem** minor details…. So I’m not sure why I was so surprised when we started construction that NOTHING in the space where we are working in is square. Not the floor to the walls, not the outer edge, the support poles? Bah Not even the existing walls or ceiling!! So it’s been a challenge for Mr. Fix~It framing. He had the first section done (the longest area) completed last night.

This first photo is for my children, for posterity sake…I don’t think they have EVER seen this momentous event…Your Dad is actually READING THE DIRECTIONS for the new tool!!!construction 008

He claims he was just looking at photosconstruction 011The wall was done & ready to go up.  We hoisted it on the pulley we rigged, were tapping it into place….& the pulley broke and down the wall went…over Mr. Fix~It!  Thankfully he was able to quickly turn to have his feet turned the length of the wall.  As it was going down I had these visions of an emergency room visit with 2 crushed feet…..construction 010 Rebuilt, we called Danielle and she came over to help support the wall as we wedged it in.  construction 015 This section with the framing up will be my STUDIO!!!!!!

RAHHHH! The crowd roars!!!!

Or, is that my family happy knowing the yarn will be out of the living room soon?

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  1. Ooh, you are getting a studio - how fabulous! I could do to get my yarn out of the living room too - Tiddler keeps getting into it and making a real mess!

  2. Isn't it fun trying to figure out what past owners were thinking? I have been there many times.
    DH is the same way with instructions - very annoying!!

  3. OMG! You are living my life! lol I'm pretty sure the previous owners never lived in your house but perhaps your's and ours were related! We had to totally rewire upstairs, terrible job it was, there were dodgy wire joins everywhere!
    Next house is gonna be a brand new house!! ;) A studio eh! Lucky moo! :D

  4. You new space will be so good :0)
    previous owners always seem to take shortcuts and that is a headache for the next person who owns that house. Not good!

  5. Looks like a pretty ambitious project:) It will be so good when it is finished and all moved into though. I am so thankful to have a designated place for all of my crafting, even though my yarn still finds its way into my living room. Have a basket full in here right now.

  6. Sue,Debie, I'm very luck Larry dosn't *do* shortcuts! The prior owners may have been related, wiring will be another nightmare from what we've found so far

    Mel I'm "sure" its a Guy thing LOL!

    Evy, it has taken over my house, I think hes partialy doing this to reclaim the house!


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