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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Storms are a Comin!

One thing about the weather in So Indiana, if you don’t like it..wait an hour or so & it will change. It stormed with a good soaking rain last night, sunny and warm this morning and now severe storm with tornado warnings.

Containers & replanting 009 Nice green sky. 

I spent the morning completing a bit of knitting and the rest of the afternoon weeding and planting more veggies & re-potting flowers before the storm. But,  I’m out of garden space.  Since I have tomatoes left I decided to use 1 of the 2 up-side down planters from last year.  I wasn’t very pleased with the results but realized to late in the season it was my own fault.   I wasn’t watering them enough.  Part of the draw  of these is you can’t over water as the excess runs out.  But, the dryer it gets even more runs out.  Now that I have my brain engaged I’m trying it again. Containers & replanting 006

Since we don’t have water access to the back deck & have to haul jugs,  this time I’m placing another tomato plant underneath in a pot…one will water the other with out waste…I hope.

The back side of the garage has a huge flowerbed…it got weeded and a few veggies and more loufahs planted.  I just feel the urgency to plant more and more so I think a few  additional tomatoes and beans will be replacing what is back there.

In the summer mosquitoes are a constant problem for us…with the pond, we can’t get rid of them & the sprays are just poison that make Mr. Fix~It & I sick .  Headaches, our lips burn & it’s hard to think straight when we’ve had to use it.  With the addition we’re building I know they are going to be a problem so I’ve been trying to find natural alternatives.  I’ve been reading that basil is a natural repellant..so I replanted a large pot to keep in the courtyard

Containers & replanting 008

I’ll let you know if it works


  1. Your weather sounds as crazy as ours. We were burning in the heat earlier this week, this morning we woke up to snow!!

  2. Since I do not have any garden space and I love fresh tomatoes, I was thinking of doing the hanging ones this year. Good reminder that they will need lots of water though.


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