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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another Wall Framed!

When we started this project we knew it was going to be a rather lengthy process.  Mr. Fix~It only has a few hours in the evening after work (if he does nothing else) and Sundays but we rather jokingly agreed if you need a flash light to read the measurements its time to stop!

  We all know when you ”just finish this last little bit”  Someone’s gonna get hurt.

Well we’ve been lucky, so far very little blood has been shed. Tuesday,  Chris stayed to help get this section upreno & garden 010 We found out the carport original beans weren't even (surprise surprise) Instead of sliding the top in place and bumping the bottom in, it involved using a sledge hammer at the top and bottom…. When that didn’t work we grabbed a floor jack and a 4x4 post and jacked that beam up just enough to tap the wall in place.reno & garden 012   It was a good test of faith and trust in each other…. swinging the sledge hammer above each others heads. Well, after I swung it a time or two up high they quickly switched out with me. Chickensreno & garden 027

Living in a tornado part of the country we had intended on leaving the original metal support poles in place just as added protection.  But last night after a supper of stir-fry we/Larry,  removed the middle pole (in the center of the photo) as it was becoming a Pain in the arse headache to work around for the door frame. 

The most frustrating part is if they had built this space correctly in the first place we would be done framing & working on other parts by now…..like pluming and heat ducting *sigh* Its a process right?

Isaiah, the Mr Fix~It in training ….New Dyes 007

Made himself a Blackberry Phone!  Complete with keyboard, camera lens and upper screen….now he’s trying to figure where & how to attach the batteries.  I have no  doubts he’ll work it out!

We are running away for the weekend to go camping…with rain scheduled the entire time! 

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  1. Enjoy your weekend. Hopefully, it won't rain too much.


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