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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Coffee Please…. Just give me coffee!

This morning, I tried to pour coffee and poured the fresh pot in the sink,  because I forgot it was a fresh pot… I’d just made.  So I put another fresh pot on.  Dumped the dregs of last nights cup on the kitchen floor missing the sink by a good foot.  By now, I’m getting desperate & quickly put another pot on (LOVE THE BUNN).

So, right now while I have my coffee, there is a bath towel on the counter soaking up the 2nd pot of coffee overflowing from the pot.   It’s not like its going anywhere…..just , the counters, floor…..The day can only go up from here…

anyone for a refill?

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  1. You are right, the day can only get better. Hang in there and enjoy that coffee!!

  2. At least you know when it is a bad morning like that...the day can only get better.
    Just enjoying my morning coffee now:0)

  3. Your post made me feel a lot more normal than I was beginning to think I was. (Huh?) :o)


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