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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Composting Question, Coffee Ground Score?

I stopped in at a local coffee shop yesterday and asked about the used coffee grounds for my compost.  Unfortunately they no longer save them as so many ask but no one comes back to get them. Luckily I asked as they were hauling a load out to the trash …. You guessed it! I came home with a huge bag  (about 40 lbs) of used coffee grounds.

Reno & coffee Grounds 010

So here is my question for my composting friends  how much is to much?  Is this a score or not?  My composting pile is about 6 ft X 6ft and only about 3 ft deep.  Could damage the good stuff going on in there if I add all of this?  If so, will it hurt to sparingly spread some of it out in the garden? 


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  1. Good questions and I don't have the answers either. I have 5 huge bags from Starbucks waiting to be spread and I want to know more details. Would you please write a posting when you get some great answers from the peanut gallery? Thanks!!!!

  2. Apparently they are great for deterring slugs and snails! So spinkle some around the garden and put some in your compost. If you still have loads left, keep it in a sack by the compost bin and sprinkle some over each time you top up.

  3. I'd spread it across the garden myself. Good haul!


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