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Monday, March 29, 2010

Boy Toys & Grown-up Joys

This past winter when we were clearing all some of the  “stuff” that had accumulated in the basemen through the years, Mr. Fix~It’ found his old Lionel train set.  He’d always wanted to set up a semi permanent train set for our son Aaron but time, space, money and life just got in the way.  He regrets that.  A lot!  

It sparked an idea of  an activity that he can do with both Hayden & Isaiah, no matter what age or ability & that train set was the answer!    What started out as “just a 4x8 sheet of plywood table” became…a on going work in progress…

Hayden’s reaction?

Sweaters & Customs 022Priceless!

all the other photos are semi blurry as he was twisting this way  & that

Sweaters & Customs 031 Running the trains

Sweaters & Customs 016As you can see its a work in progress & has gone through numerous updates even since last week.Sweaters & Customs 021 Every “Train Room” needs a lavender doors and butterflies on the wall!  Right? It was the old play room.Sweaters & Customs 023 Our friend Kent of “Top of the Hill 3d Archery” was happy to clear his old huge train tables out of his barn!  They were set up with N gauge (tiny trains) that go over & under the tables.

Sweaters & Customs 029  Larry’s been gifted with H, HO, N, & another size trains, track, accessories since he’s started.  Every night & often with his Dad, they work for hours trying to get everything up and running by the family gathering at Easter.    This was last weekend when Rachel & Hayden came down from Indy…the boy is in for a few surprises as the lay-out has gone through more than a few changes since then. 

I’m learning train setups are never…ever done

Guess I better  get the rest of the “stuff cleared out so he has more room to grow!


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  1. That looks like so much fun!!

  2. Very cool! But where's Thomas the Tank engine?


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