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Friday, April 2, 2010

Not Goin to Town

Mr. Fix-It  had an early morning appointment in Indy the other day so he went up the night before and visited with Adam & Rachel.  When he came home he brought Hayden with him!

Little Man just crack me up.  Everything has to be in a certain order & just so.  We spent the afternoon outside enjoying the warm sunny day…. playing in the sand pile.

Mix 024  He had a children’s hoe & was working the sand “just like you do” for his garden.  He worked that sand for a good 30 minutes.  At one point I said “ Little Man, you’re just goin to town on that sand. ” He stopped, turned, looked at me and dead serious said…..”I’m not goin to town, I’m working right here!” Mix 031I couldn’t laugh he was so serious….

but I almost wet my pants!

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