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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Shattering Glass

See these glass balls?

  I’m dropping them.

On purpose…letting them shatter…. 

This past fall I load up on projects to get me through the winter…I KNOW I tend to get the blah’s & always think keeping busy will help but, actually made it worse.   But I get bummed out when I can’t possibly complete half of what I started which snowballs to becoming mired down and accomplishing  nothing very little.  I do this to myself every year.  This morning I was almost in tears with what still on the winter list and it was silly! These were supposed to be fun projects, quilts and crafts &  I turned them to HAVE TO’S racing to finish them not finding joy or pleasure in any.  It was like someone cleared the cobwebs from my mind…I  realized I would need 2 life times to complete what I had planned for this winter I just started laughing!    Now, I’m clearing a big bag load of winter funk, few cobwebs from my eyes & sweeping of the mental porch…..It’s SPRING!!  I feel like I’m walking out of a deep fog. Ever watch a cat wake up?  The slow blink, ear twitch, the big yawn, flipping the tail to the full body stretch.  

Gosh, I feel good.

Thanks for hanging around while I worked my way through. 

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  1. We are coming into the cooler months here, but when spring comes it is a great feeling...you actually feel alive again

  2. Yes, but why are you busting those balls?

  3. Yes, what is the ball busting about?

  4. I too get overwhelmed. Prayers and hugs my friend and welcome to Spring! <3

  5. HAHAH BRain Burp! I left the rest of the post out....going to do what I can and stop trying to do EVERYTHING!! Stop the juggling act I put myself in...hence busting balls..letting some things drop.kind of like your new pin addiction Mel! LOL!

  6. My dear, did you look at your list down below on your blog and see that you have completed 54 knitting projects and it is only March??? You are not ready to do any ball busting girlfriend! You have been a workaholic and your fingers must be tired. LOL


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