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Friday, March 26, 2010

Fresh off the Needles…This Week

I love this mulberry tweed. Touches of black, white and camel. Tweed & Tan Longies 009

These shorties were my first time knitting with Cestari wool & I have to say I LoVe It! It feels like a heavy cotton in your hands but is oh so soft. I understand it wears like peace fleece

Peace fleece 038

Speaking of peace fleece, a pair of shorties using scraps of other colors to accent…I think they need a bit of embellishment on the leg but, not sure what yet…any ideas?Peace fleece 043 A small sleep sack. I’ve had a few Moms asking for something to use with a preemie to newborn so I scaled down the patternPeace fleece 019

A few others on the needles including longies and skirties for 2 sets of twins, a few pair of fingerless mitts and a striped pair of longies after that.

I learned my lesson trimming my hair (I always say that but yet still do it!)…I realized last time I trimmed it I’d given myself a mullet !!!! AND NO ONE SAID ANYTHING!!!!! So, yesterday morning I started trimming…….and chopped a big hunk out of the back. I’d like to claim it was lack of coffee to sharpen my focus but I’d already had 2 pots. To make matters worse, Mr. Fix!~It was taking me out to Supper for our anniversary….

in public…

with this hair.

No way

no how!

(No, there were no actual photos taken)

I called a new salon that everyone has been raving over “ Big Hair Peace” Wow, Lisa did a great job. I have super fine hair which can’t be cut like thicker hair. It looks choppy if you do but, she did a wonderful job!

So now I have short hair…and kind of like it!

So what have you been up to?

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  1. and where is a picture of your new nice short hair? :) Glad she was able to fix it for you!


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