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Thursday, March 4, 2010

More Reasons To Love a Man in a Tool Belt!

This past weekend we had a new river… around Mt Laundry, created from a flood….

in my basement!

My washer AKA “The Beast” has been sick.  I think it’s caught the same creeping crud we have.   Neither of us have felt good for the past 2 weeks. Nothing you can put your finger on just “bleck” no energy and yucky.  So, some things have fallen by the wayside..like laundry.Since there were no clean whites left I figured I’d better suck it up and get some done.   Well the beast had other ideas, it started spitting water and humming at me.  After a sick Mr. Fix~It (the man who needed clean whites) checked it out he found the belt was shredded & replaced it. 

We plugged it in, started a load and found …the water pump had cracked…….

creating a river

across the laundry room floor.  Turning the washer off slowed it some but not much.  Do you have any idea how much water a oversized washer holds? 

A lot!

So, I shoved the wet clothes on the floor out of the way, dribbled a few drops of dish soap & went to town on the concrete floor with the broom.

It was a win ~ win, a handsome man in a tool belt fixed my washer to run like new, and a clean concrete floor….and counting my blessings again for the multi talented Mr.Fix~It!

Now I just have to suck it up & climb Mt. Laundry.

What are your plans for the day?


  1. I want to know where the pictures are? :D

  2. Sounds like fun. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Oh man...my husband in his tool belt has been a turn on for me ever since we were married and he started in construction. He's still so cute in it!!

  4. Sending my condolences. Why do these things seem to happen when we're least able to handle them? I'm blessed being married to a Mr. Fix-It also . . . don't know what I'd do without him!

    Good luck with the yucky feeling and mountain of laundry. Bad combination!

  5. Where are the pictures?! LOL I am so sorry that happened to you though. Ours broke a few weeks ago but my Mr Fix It was able to fix it but by then I was soooo far behind. Good luck!


  6. My plans were to take the boys to co-op then come home and clean the house for 3 hours. Instead, right before co-op Sammy broke a window while helping me put things away (total accident, I didn't even think of being mad) so i had to run to lowes to get someone out here to measure the window casement for a replacement window. Then while at Lowes, Jacky fell (at co-op) and busted his chin open. So I got a call at Lowes to pick up Jacky cause he was going to need stitches. I got Jack, took him to get his FIVE stitches (one for each year of his life) and then picked up the boys from co-op. There went the three hours of housework I was going to do while they were at co-op. Well they all rallied together tonight and we got the housework done, and now I can start a fresh new day tomorrow. Whew. That makes me tired just writing all that.

  7. I am so glad he was able to fix it! We have to call in support. Last time someone had a pocket of plastic b.b.'s and it plugged every hole in the filter! Hey, come and see what I am giving away! Karyn

  8. ".....a handsome man in a tool belt" Is that ALL he was wearing? And do you have his number? I can make my machine leak if needs be!! ;-D Oh and just to cheer you up, appliances always fall apart in 3's!

  9. No photos of that mess! I'd be to ashamed to show them!

  10. lol We don't want pictures of the laundry on the floor. We want pics of the hot Mr. Fix-it in the tool belt! ;)

    Hope you feel better, soon!


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