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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Yesterday Was

A beautiful day!

A day full of  SUNSHINE, ! 67 degrees!  It’s almost SPRING!!!

I opened all the doors & windows then spent about an hour outside just soaking up the sunshine.

It also included a trip to my local yarn store Grinny Possum Fiber Arts. For me, a trip to Grinny Possum is like a junkie running free in a drug store… I do tend to get myself  in trouble when I visit Ann! 

But, I always find what I need there, if it’s not in stock, Ann will find it for me.  I did pick up some Feza Platino for a few upcoming projects.  I found colors 006 & 003 to use in ….a new venture to add to the Katidids Etsy shop….I’m really excited & ready to spill the beans but, I won’t!  I want to just start full out with them and need to get more made….in between customs.  I wish I could sketch or draw as I have all these color & pattern ideas in my mind.  Remembering the shades and color combinations…even  writing them out…reading my notes  is like reading Greek!

Today  involves a trip to Louisville, slowing down the progress but I need to pay the bills.   The electric company is picky that way, for some reason they want money every month!

Well, daylights burning I better run.

What are your plans for the day?

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  1. That warm! Wow, I am happy with the 45 degree weather we have been having. Once it hits 50 degrees, I am in shorts! :)

    Have a great day.


  2. What am I doing today? Watching it snow!! Yes, you read that right - Snow!! I could just scream!!!

  3. I noticed that about bills too. Every month? I mean what is that about!!! ? lol

  4. Debbie, I'm not far off of shorts, I just have to find where I put mine when I "Organized" last fall!

  5. Mel! Say your joking pLeAsE !!!!!

  6. Sue, They are just so nit picky aout those little details!

    Candy! I just stopped by your blog, great post!


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