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Friday, March 26, 2010

Dusting things Off a Bit

 I was getting a bit tired of the “face” and decided to make some changes.  Still playing with it so let me know if it takes a bit to load.

 I updated the Etsy shop  with this logo..and something similar for my Garment  tags also.  I had a few other more elaborate designs but, I kept coming back to this one & I’m glad  I did.  They stand out nicely against the colorful hats and garments.


Simple but, its all there.  That’s a little Dragonfly carrying the strand of yarn off…doesn’t show up to well reduced for sizing here!

Erika & Chris are off to Indy for the weekend so we have the kidlets!  Miss Evie keeps you hopping & is STUBBORN as a mule! Of course she gets it from Mr. Fix~It’s side of the family!

A few months ago I mentioned my daughter Danielle was in the cake business.  Here is the latest & greatest.  A grooms cake

IMG00038 IMG00035 IMG00036 

Real traditional Right?  I LOVE IT!


  1. I love the new "face"!! That cake is amazing!!

  2. They have created one or 2 "standard" cakes but, as the word had gotten out they will do this type of work....they are starting to specialize...everything was edible but the grey items if I remember correctly

  3. OMG! That cake is AMAZING! :D I bet it was gooooooood too!
    The pattern will come out on Earthday. :D

  4. I like the new look! And I love the cake. These funky cakes are becoming the "new" traditional for grooms cakes!


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