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Monday, March 8, 2010

Its Monday?

We’ve had a relaxing but productive weekend.  We’re both feeling MUCH better  (Thank you for your good wishes)  What ever bug this was just zapped our energy.  We would both sleep at the drop of a hat, start to feel good and it would knock us back as soon as we tried to do anything. So we’re puttering around doing little bits here and there.  Needless to say there are LOTS of little things left undone that need caught up &, I’ll get to them bits at a time.   Do we ever really catch up?

I’ve been knitting like a mad woman. 

A custom order on its way to San Diego.   Blue Marle Shorties 006

Blue Marl shorties and my Terracotta color way.  Lanolized dried & ready to go!trains & terracotta 017Its warming up and I actually saw sunshine!   I had the doors open for a few hours a couple of times over the weekend.  Yes it was still cool but I loved the fresh air! New Bug & Scrappy 009Scrappy Shorties for summer inventory, using the remnants of the second silver pair of longiesTeracotta complete 006I had a Etsy customer from Australia ask for longies in Silver, Royal Blue & Purple & had fun coming up with this!  I should have them done by tomorrow.

Baby Hat 003 & this sweet little hat is on its way to a Mama due any day!  She sent me a photo of  longies she had purchased and asked if I could make a newborn hat to match.  New Bug & Scrappy 020

These shorties I’m not to sure about, I tried a repeat pattern to make Ladybug spots but, as you can see it didn’t turn out to well.  Maybe a stressed out ladybug?  My colors aren’t showing well, its actually a deep dark ladybug red. 

I do have a few more things in the works

Some Bloomies in pink are on the needles & custom shorties for another Mama are up next in this color way.  I had knit a lavender pair and wanted to be sure they fit before starting the second pair.  I need to check but think the Mama wants Capri’s this time around & will add drawstrings to the legs if there is enough. 

Well, that was my weekend.  How was yours?

Tomorrow I’ll show you what Mr. Fix~It’s been up to!



  1. They are adorable! Thanks for sharing the pics! I hope you start feeling top notch soon!


  2. Hey Debbie, Thanks..are you drying out over your way yet?

  3. You have been busy. Enjoy the fresh air - Spring is almost here!!


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