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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Going for a record

I’ve been keeping a progress bar of my knits.  The goal is to beat last years count of 152 with 160 possibly dreaming of  maybe 175.  I’ve been blessed with some awesome repeat customers so that really helping out!

The past few weeks knits are

Just off the needles, BFL Capri's Custom order

Sweaters & Customs 005

BFL Longies Custom Dye Longies in Silver Blue & Purple On the way now to Australia

royal purp

Skirty with attached shorts.  I used Cascade Jelly Beans for this and I love the color way.  Any girly shade of pink or purple with  greens blended in. 

Jelly & alpaca 008

Another skirty, this is with my colorway “Oh Baby!”

DYES 075

Alpaca & wool blend longies, can I tell you I fell in LOVE with Alpaca?  So soft! I KNOW I’ll be using it more often now that I’ve played with it.   Our  LYS  Grinny Possum features local a spinner that (have to remember to get her  name) produces some WONDERFUL 100% Alpaca yarn.  Can’t wait to get my hands on that!   I plan to use a lot of it for warm winter longies.  This was a commercial Alpaca, very nice but the other…oh.  I figure I’ve drooled on enough skeins I really have to buy it.  Besides, I’d rather support local!

Jelly & alpaca 013

A pile of …well, you’ll see in a few days, a new venture!

wips 006

OK, A sneak Peek!  The “Diva” was not to be bothered so more photos another day!

    Sweaters & Customs 076

Longies on the needles, ready to split for legs

Sweaters & Customs 059

I know once spring is here to stay and the garden starts growing I’ll be busy so, I’m trying to get a jump on things.  I have a pile of other shorties in the works that I need to complete.

Yep!  Been busy…And, I got my Kidlet fix this weekend. Rachel and Hayden came down from Indy…He’s gotten so big! 

We played all day & had a blast!

How was your Saturday?


  1. I feel positively lazy compared to you. Good work!!

  2. I already have 100% Alpaca in the shop and I'm totally in love with it!!! Unbelievable soft! I'm into Alpaca these days. Working with the Alpaca-Merino-Bamboo and the Alpaca-Silk right now.

  3. I'm knitting a scarf/wrap with an alpaca/bamboo mix, it's lovely to work with and has a lovely sheen to it.


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