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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hi Ho, Hi H0

It’s Off to Knit I go

dwarf 008dwarf 006   dwarf 004 dwarf 007

An Etsy customer asked me to make hats for her families Halloween Costumes…

You guessed it

The Seven Dwarf’s

I just happened to have a victim model handy & bribable willing to let me size hats on his little head.

As it was 90 degrees he was absolutely thrilled.   Just sat there and stared at me..you know the look. 

They learn it so early

His sitting fee?

2 hats, one this same lime green

the other will be orange

the color orange that can only be called


I’m sure his Momma will be thrilled


  1. Cute, love it! The colors wouldn't bother me :) but I love color lol. At least he didn't choose pink like Ty probably would have, right? Just remind her of that.

  2. Very cute :-) I agree with Candice, bright colours are great :-)

  3. On the positive side, he starts school this year..we wont mis him at the bus stop!


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