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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mr. Fix~It Has a New Helper

Isaiah doesn't know it yet but,  he now has to share tractor time Tractor 003

Evie spends a lot of time outside with us on the patio or garden and always comes alert and watches Grandpa on the tractor.  I thought it was just startling at the noise. 

Tonight her Mama took her closer to watch & she reached out ……and got her first ride.

After the 2nd pass Erika reached to take her back & she screamed her head off

Just like some one threw a switch

She stopped crying as soon as Erika handed her back to Grandpa….

on the tractor

Tractor 004

Isaiah will share anything that he knows is safe with her but,

when it comes to tractor time……

Houston we may have a problem

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