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Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Wedding

Was held at the beautiful Basilica

of the Immaculate Virgin Mary and the St Philip Neri built in 1668

The younger Priest, bless his heart learned English to Alternate polish & English for the the American parents & guests.  That he took the year to learn another language to say the Homily in English was a total surprise to Aaron & Ania.

The actual wedding vows were said in Polish.  The phrase in “till death do us part” in Polish is a bit tricky……

IMG_0236  IMG_0246 IMG_0237IMG_0240 IMG_0244 

It is very similar to the word rotting stink, stinky or smelly…when practicing his vows the older priest was very upset as Aaron pronounced it wrong….Irate the older priest told him he would stop the wedding if he did not pronounce all the words correctly

So with baited breath we all waited to be sure he would love, honor & cherish Ania till death not stink parted them.

IMG_1086He got it right, on all counts!


The bride and groom are showered with coins, money to start a life together,  and rose petals for an abundant life & rice so they never know hunger

***Here in the states there is the formality of seating the guests, etc….   there was nothing like that…. every one just entered and sat down.  They do not  traditionally have groomsmen or bridesmaids, but witnesses.  They also leave the alter to sign the marriage certificate before pronouncing them husband and wife.  The total focus was on the sacrament of marriage…….as it should be.

There is not a reception/receiving  line, after the wedding the couple stands outside the church to receive bouquets of flowers, good wishes,  coins and gifts from friends & family…..and any one else passing by.

The “State” only recognizes a civil union,   so couples marry at the “court house and have a one year wait prior to marriage in the Church. Similar to the old way of “hand-fasting”.   There are no disposable marriages in Poland.  This is a life long commitment.  You have one year to decide if it is really what you want.


  1. Beautiful place, the ceremony sounds great! So glad he didn't mispronounce anything! lol

    One question though, do the grooms always have to show off with the kiss?! Mine pulled one on me, and NOT what we had decided! (or at least that was what I asked him to do in our church and with everyone staring *shudder*)

    The one year to decide sounds like a really good thing :)

  2. BEAUTIFUL... Both the pictures and the description of the wedding customs. I believe in forever too. :o)

  3. How gorgeously breathtakingly beautiful!

  4. It was a beautiful wedding. I love the Polish customs. Glad you had a good time!

  5. So glad he didn't "stink" up his speaking parts! That's interesting about how they do marriages with the one year wait time. I know of someone who would really like to take advantage of that right now...


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