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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Longies Stocking at Katidids

This Past week I’ve been getting ready for Fall, In the house and  the Etsy Store. Longies have been on my “list” to knit but time has flown!   Leaves are starting to dry & curl, school buses will be running….Longies are past due needing stocked!  When we went to Poland I had all these great plans to return with 6 pr completed…pfft!  So, this past week I’ve been a knitting maniac  machine. 

Here is new stock listings


Size large, mid weight, Great for Daytime use.

Longies 010

Space Odyssey

Grays, blues, lime & touches of white.

As you can see still on the needles, hope to finish these tonight.

Size Medium, nice and heavy. 

I think there is enough for longies I’m striping them

but it will be close

Longies 004


Rocker Girl

Pinks, Grey to Black.

Size Medium… soft thick & thirsty!

Longies 006

Alaska Lass Revisited

Lighter shades of a custom toddler Capri

Size Medium, Super soft.

Pinks,  Lavenders & Purple

 Longies 007

All listed in Etsy and ready for shipping!

So what's on your needles?

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  1. Kailey's Kimono, a scrap pair of sheepies, 2 blankets and on my hook is 2 blankets lol. I'll probably start a cardi for me here soon also. Now I'm just as deep in WIP as you.. ok well maybe not THAT deep ^_^ Probably the same amount deep in laundry though!


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