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Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Play & Completed Projects

We had our bonus  Granddaughter Raven for  a extended weekend. Isaiah loved having a playmate.  Friday they were up early & outside playing while I worked in the garden. 

Sidewalk chalk kept them busy for the better part of an hour. 

They left MR Fix~it a drawing….in hopes they could talk him in to a ride on the ATV…showing how the could all fitmore Longies 007 

87 degrees by 9 am & we were all hot.  This is what I found waiting for me on the driveway when I came out of the garden….after thank you hugs and kisses

more Longies 008

They asked, can we go in the pool now? 

I knew they were up to something!

Little stinkers!

more Longies 003 Speaking of stinkers, This little Diva is crawling!  I was sitting in the kitchen the other day, felt something brush against my leg & almost swatted it thinking it was a fly….

It was Evie, standing up holding onto the chair!

Pool time provided a bit of knitting time…..ok, a lot of knitting time.  We nearly lived in the pool this weekend to darn hot! A medium pair of mid weight Sheepy Pants more Longies 011

more Longies 017And a nice heavy weight sleep sac.  Both still need to be listed but, they are done! 

The neighbors across the field had a granddaughter visiting for the weekend also.  All 3 are normally “only” children aside from babies so having playmates was like heaven for them all.

We had a bit of bickering but a lot less than I would have expected…which should have prepared me for

more Longies 009

what came next…..

They were riding the garage door! 

To give a bit of perspective, the brown on the door is 3 ft tall

They would get the door within arm reach, grab hold and hit the button and “ride it till they got scared” and drop to the ground.  I was inside getting supper ready, the neighbor came flying across the field & said when she saw them their feet were above the top of my GMC Van before they dropped.  After we recovered from near heart attacks we nearly wet ourselves laughing.  Where do they come up with this stuff!…….

Hmmmm I wonder how much weight that door will take……..


  1. oo I love those red longies :-)

  2. I love that sleep sack! Evie is growing up too fast just like Kailey :) I wanna keep them babies but it just doesn't happen does it?
    I had no idea the garage was that high when you said that!


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