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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday…Weeds


A  simple small 4 letter word….that can make you want to say a few other 4 letter words!

Home 132

It was quite a chore as you can see…..

I got them taken care of  today. Well most of them.

   Home 131

They took over the flowerbeds and garden while we were gone Home 129

The line between garden and grass had been lost….Home 128

I think I pulled as much as I left behind.

My cucumbers are producing like crazy or, they were.

The last load of rabbit poo has Buddy all excited,   He’s been  rolling in it and rolling into the cucumbers crushing many of the vines.  The next few days should tell if they will make it.

The lone “Monster Mater” Plant behind the garage.  To give you a perspective of its size, the brown section of siding is 3 ft tall.  Hence the name Monster Mater.

Its loaded and has almost as many on it as the rest of the plants combined

Home 137 

Which makes me very excited that I was gifted with these jars.  There are 11 cases in allHome 138 

I imagine or hoping I’ll be filling the majority of these and more by the time the harvest is complete

What was your “Tackle it Tuesday?”

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